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The Vindhyachal School Multai, work on morals and knowledge of students. For their fabulous future. We don't judge students by their family background,their medium and by thier report cards. All students are equal special for us.

The Vindhyachal School Multai, which is a registered educational, nondenominational, non commercial, not for profit society consisting of committed educationalists and social workers. Vindhyachal School Multai is the curriculum laid down by Board of Secondary education.

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The Vindhyachal School is a mission-driven international school in Multai. We know who we are, we know what we have committed ourselves to. With authenticity and enthusiasm, we endeavor to keep the promise set forth in our Mission Statement: to inspire all of our students to continuous inquiry, empowering them with the skills, courage, optimism, and integrity to pursue their dreams and enhance the lives of others. These surveys deeply inspired to perceive the factors that are associated with every student’s academic achievement such as school system, demographic profile, sociol-economic status, intelligence, study habits and different aspects of students’ personality. Education is the only thing in the world which can not be stolen away from you. It plays an integral part in making the person you become. Grades and marks don’t determine the success of a person’s life,

Smt Ranjana khasdeo